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 I am not lazy, I just really enjoy doing nothing @nala_cat_store @hello_spencer_dog  My belly doesn't fit mommy! @official_nala_cat @nala_cat_store  Selfies with mommy @nala_cat_store @hello_spencer_dog  Happy Easter @nala_cat_store @hello_spencer_dog  If it fits, it ships!☺️☺️☺️ @nala_cat_store  duh DUN duh! DUN! duh!! DUN!! duh!!! Jaws  Casting: nala_cat  Nala's shark crochet hat available online @nala_cat_store @hello_spencer_dog  Oh yeah...That's the spot! @hello_spencer_dog @nala_cat_store
 I love my shark hat so much @nala_cat_store @hello_spencer_dog  Ok ok I give up! I'll let you kiss my belly   Good morning @nala_cat_store @official_nala_cat  Good morning @nala_cat_store @nala_cat_store @hello_spencer_dog  More carrot for me ? @hello_spencer_dog @nala_cat_store  Good morning @nala_cat_store @hello_spencer_dog
 I got it!!!! @nala_cat_store @hello_spencer_dog  Aloha Everyone! On this beautiful day we wanted to ask if you could help our kitty friend Ichigo (@sachan808) out. They have entered a local photo contest in Hawaii to win some great prizes including a $1,000 donation to their local humane society(where @hello_spencer_dog was adopted), 3 pet massages and a $250 prize to the winner. You will NEED a Facebook account to vote once DAILY till May 5 11:59pm HST. The winner is based on votes so each daily vote is crucial. Use the link on @sachan808's profile to vote each day. We realize this is a lot to ask of you so Ichigo will be hosting an appreciation giveaway with some prizes for the winner and a rescue/shelter/private rescue of the winner's choice. (Open to international participants as well) ------------------------------------------ Here's what to do- •post a photo on IG cheering on Ichigo and hashtag #voteforichigo Your name will be entered into our appreciation giveaway •vote once a day (if possible) •if your account is private we can't see your photo. Please make sure your account is public if you would like to participate •appreciation prizes TBA at a later time It seems like a lot my friends but we know this prize will help out many our furry friends needing help with food, medications, shelter, vaccinations, spay/neuter, fostering till they find a furever home or they are placed in a safe community cat area. Mahalo IG Ohana! #voteforichigo #thinkadoptionfirst @nala_cat_store  I'm not a flying pig @nala_cat_store @hello_spencer_dog  Priority mail Medium flat rate.. Ready to ship @hello_spencer_dog @nala_cat_store  Long long time ago! When i was more fluffy @nala_cat_store @hello_spencer_dog  Nala shark !  Handmade crochet shark hat available online @nala_cat_store