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Mama Mouse and her little kittens

Mama Mouse and her little kittens were left behind in a basement suite when her owners moved. Luckily the landlord found them and did the right thing by turning them into LAPS and have gone into foster care. Now, Mama Mouse, Fievel and Moe are still looking for their fuurever homes. They are all very friendly, [...]

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The Next It Cat

Hanging with Celebrity Cat Nala By Rose Frosek | Lisa Scarsi From “just another kitten” in an overcrowded shelter to a budding internet superstar, our cover cat Nala shows that a rocky start can be overcome by lots of love—and an Instagram account filled with loads of cute cat photos! On a fateful day in 2010, Varisiri Methachittiphan, or [...]

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Minnie This beauty is Minnie, and she needs our help! Minnie is currently in a foster home, and goes to adoption events on the weekends. Poor Minnie HATES going to the adoption events, and gets sick on herself before & after every event, due to the stress. She cowers in the cage and hides her [...]

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Teddy Bear and Tootsie

Can you give us a home and family for Christmas? We are brother and sister, teenage kitties, who are VERY loving, gentle and playful. We are tabby bengal colors. We will sit on the desk and help you on the computer. We love to be cozy in bed with you. If you have children, we would be very [...]

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George – Adopted!

This is George. He is a special needs cat because he is blind. He came into the shelter because he was hit by a car, that accident caused him to be blind. Other than that he is s sweet cat. George is probably 4 to 5 years old and he would need a home that [...]

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Cecily our beautiful little blind girl was eager to come out of her carrier to the sound of my voice. We are so grateful to the woman who called us for help when she saw this little girl running into things outside. Cecily leans forward and paws to touch what she hears. This little girl [...]

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Virgil – Adopted!

Read about Virgil's adoption story here Prepare yourself for one of the cutest kittens ever, Virgil. His mommy had Distemper while she was pregnant and this can cause CH (Cerebellar Hypoplasia) in kittens. Virgil was the only kitten to survive. Virgil is mostly a normal spunky little kitten. We are thankful that Virgil has a [...]

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Hannah – Adopted!

Meet Hannah!! Hannah is a special girl! If any of you have ever suffered from anxiety, you know how tough it can be when people don’t understand you. This sweet and pretty girl has spent almost all of her 4 years of life in our humane center. She has anxiety that we manage with medication. [...]

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These are the shelters that Nala will be donating money every month, our list will grow longer once we find more shelters.

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Meow Everybody!

My name is Nala and I am a female Siamese/Tabby Mix. I am 5 years old, although I'm not really sure when my actual birthday is. My mommy adopted me from the animal shelter when I was around 4 - 5 months old in November of 2010, so I'm guessing I was born in June. [...]

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