Celebrate National Pet Day!

Happy National Pet Day from our family to yours! Did you know that National Pet Day was started to celebrate pets and raise awareness for shelter animals?   My siblings and I are super lucky. We were each adopted from local shelters by our mommy, cared for, and raised to be the lovable cats we [...]

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A House Designed for Cats!

This amazing house is designed for cats and owners. The house is located in Bangkok and designed by Ponna Studio. Ming, the owner of the house, and her husband live with 3 cats. She wanted to renovate the first floor of her house so that she could have the space to spend quality time with [...]

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What Do You Need Before Getting a Cat

Are you thinking about having a cat? Besides of their cuteness, there are many things that you need to know before having a cat. Here are some tips that could help you. Feeding Good-quality food for cats is required. There are so many types of cat food, besides cat's preference, health, age, and activity condition [...]

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Photos Of Nala and Coffee

These are photos that I have taken with my brother. I hold my brother's hand. My brother stares at me. I'm ok with my brother sitting on mommy's lap. We go to meet&greet together. We always dress up during Christmas together. And we eat together We sometimes play hide and seek. My brother is good [...]

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Cat Fashion

We have dress up so many times. These photos are part 2  of our fashion week. Ready for Europe trip! Officer Coffee is ready to catch fly. Wearing dinosaur hat makes me look scarier. Christmas Tree Luna and Coffee Sock  Blue Bow Tie How about me wearing a hoodie? You need only a red bow [...]

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Cat Fashion Tips That Win The Internet

Sometimes, we have to suit up for special occasions. If you don't know how to dress your cat, follow our fashion tips. The College student: First week of school, dress to impress!  I thought they were shorts, but my legs are shorter. When you don’t know what to wear, be a mermaid.  If you have [...]

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Photos of How We React When We See Food

Beside Sleeping and Playing, Eating is what we all enjoy. We didn't know that we care so much about food until we saw this photos. Do you guys react the same with us when you see food?

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White Coffee Cat, The Cat Who Beat Cancer

Hello there! I'm Mr.Coffee, a cancer survivor. I want to share you my story of how I went through cancer and how I kicked cancer's butt. Thx you all for the support. I hope this story can encourage you to get through your hard times. On April 2016, mommy was brushing me and she noticed [...]

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Photos That Confirm Nala Loves Boxes

If you are a cat lover, then you should know one of the most favourite things for cats is box. Me as well, I love box the most! Every time someone send me anything the most excited thing for me is not what in the box, but it is the box! These are some photos [...]

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Young Nala’s Photos

These are some of my unseen photos. They were taken when I was so young. Although, it was taken for a long time, I think I still look the same (except my belly is getting a lot bigger). Some people told me that I look a little bit thinner Always stole Mommy's blanket I always [...]

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The Story of Nala Before She Became Famous (Cartoon Version)

The story of me in Cartoon Version. The story of how Pookie, my mommy, met me, how I started my journey, what I have been through, and how I started my Instagram account. I hope this story will inspire you, and will encourage you to get through difficult time. I was left with my siblings [...]

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