The Story of Nala Before She Became Famous (Cartoon Version)

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The story of me in Cartoon Version. The story of how Pookie, my mommy, met me, how I started my journey, what I have been through, and how I started my Instagram account. I hope this story will inspire you, and will encourage you to get through difficult time.

I was left with my siblings at the shelter. That’s what they told me.

Nala Story 1
Nala Story 2

I spent couple of months at the shelter.
Nala Story 3

One day, Mommy came to the shelter.
Nala Story 4

She saw me and took me with her. I was so happy.
Nala Story 5
Nala Story 6
Nala Story 7

After couple of days, I was very sick.
Nala Story 8
Nala Story 9
Nala Story 10

After she took me to the vet, I felt much better.
Nala Story 11
Nala Story 12

Mommy always took photos of me and send them to her sister. And that is why she started my Instagram account.
Nala Story 13
Nala Story 14
Nala Story 15
Nala Story 16

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