What Do You Need Before Getting a Cat

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Are you thinking about having a cat? Besides of their cuteness, there are many things that you need to know before having a cat. Here are some tips that could help you.


  • Good-quality food for cats is required. There are so many types of cat food, besides cat’s preference, health, age, and activity condition are some factors that should be considered before purchase cat food.
  • Fresh, clean water should be provided all the time.
  • Clean the bowl every time.
  • Please note that some human’s food could be toxic to cats.


  • Brushing or combing your cat regularly can reduce the incidence of hairballs.
  • Bathing for your cat may be rare, but when they need one, make sure that you use a mild shampoo that’s safe to use on cats, and make sure that they are dry or else they could be sick.
  • Nail clipping might be difficult for some cats. Try not to rush it or you might accidentally cut them. Try to be gentle, and precise on how long should you trim the nails.

Litter Box

  • A clean litter box is important! If the litter box is messy and smelly, your cats might not use it.
  • Make sure you scoop and remove the waste every day.
  • Clean and wash the litter box once a week and replace the litter as well.

Collar With ID Tag

  • It will help you increase a chance of returning if your cat is lost.
  • Make sure that the collar is not to tight or your cat will try to remove it.
  • Matching your cat with a collar will make them even cuter.


If your cat getting a little bit too chubby, chances are your cat eat too much and need more exercise. Playing with toys for cats is not only helping on their hunting instinct, it helps cats burn calories as well. There are many types of toys that cat could enjoy.


If you don’t want your sofa to be scratcher, then buy a scratcher! Cats need to scratch to remove old outer sheaths.

Make sure that the scratcher is strong and tall enough for your cat.


A dry and clean house should be provided for your cat. Cat preference on house is different. If you bought a fancy cat house and your cat never get into it, don’t surprise. Try other things such as cardboard box, Nala loves cardboard box.


Make sure that your cat sees the veterinarian once a year for an examination. And keep eyes on your cat when she acts differently from normal.

Cat Carrier

When you take your cat outside, make sure that they are travel in safe and stylish. Make sure that your cat can breathe through a carrier and the carrier has a lock so your cat cannot escape.

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