White Coffee Cat, The Cat Who Beat Cancer

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Hello there! I’m Mr.Coffee, a cancer survivor. I want to share you my story of how I went through cancer and how I kicked cancer’s butt. Thx you all for the support. I hope this story can encourage you to get through your hard times.

On April 2016, mommy was brushing me and she noticed unsymmetrical lumps on my body. So mommy took me to see a veterinarian.

(The very first photo of me that was taken before cancer diagnose.)

The doctors shaved my fur before taking me to x-rays. The doctor said that my kidneys were enlarged and they took a tiny sample for testing, but it sould be two days before receiving the result

(First time I went for a diagnosis.)

Mommy was so worried and she couldn’t wait for the test, so she took me to another veterinarian where they conducted more testing.

(They shaved more of my fur for an ultrasound examination. The doctor said that my kidneys were 3x larger than average.)

The next day, we got a call saying that I was diagnosed with kidney lymphoma. Our hearts were broken and we weren’t sure what to do.

Mommy told me that she would fight cancer with me! She will give me all the treatment options that we had access to.

Mommy and I met with an oncologist at California Veterinarian Specialist. His name is Doctor Olgilvy. He gave us a few treatment options, which mommy chose the best plan for me.

(Hair loss was a side effect of chemotherapy.)

We shared Coffee’s diagnosis with my fans and the response filled us with love, untiy and encouragement.

We are forever grateful and thankful to everyone that supported us through that difficult time.

After a year of chemotherapy treatments and follow up care, I was diagnosed as Cancer-free, I kicked cancer’s butt!

(They really cared with their heart.)

I wish all of you could fit in this photo too because you helped save my life too!

(Photo of my medical team who always being nice to me.)

We want to thank you all for your love and support. I LOAF YOU.

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